We do bedframes
and integrated
systems in furniture
since 1977

Our range include frames, flat bedframes, moveable bedframes, structural bedframes, extractable bedframes, curved and reclining ones, sommiers, self-supporting structures, cabinet systems, horizontal and vertical space-saving products. Our offer goes from the professional field to the contract supplies, from the domestic needs to the cruise sector.


The way of managing resources and organizing work allows us to differentiate the offer, responding in a targeted way to the specific requests of different sectors.

Professional line

Precise and innovative answers to the requests of the industry.

Contract line

Complete range and custom made solutions for turnkey projects.

Marine line

A sea of solutions designed specifically for cruise ships.

Home line

Where quality
and comfort live

quality, research and innovation


A value involved in every aspect of production


Anticipating a market in continuous transformation

Research and development

Investing to achieve targets.

The new ILCA App: our products within reach of tablets, with virtual and augmented reality.

At the same time as the opening of the 2019 edition of SICAM (Pordenone, 15-18 October), you can download from the App Store and Google Play Store the new ILCA App, exclusively for tablets, designed to allow you to discover, try and finally choose all the products in our range, from bed frames to the many space-saving solutions.

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